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Jacks Story

Little Jack Horner was inspired from travelling the world and washing up on great beaches and falling out of great beach bars. It was our dream to create a place where you can feel like you are always on holiday, and really could be walking off any beach anywhere in the world straight into this cool beach bar with a view of the water and sand. And like all good beach bars and party venues around the world we focus on live music and entertainment, starting with a weekend full of live music from Friday to Sunday nights.

Jack's Look

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Many arduous hours were spent drinking in bars, tasting fine foods and watching great sunsets to ensure we knew exactly how we wanted Little Jack Horner to look and feel.

This resulted in almost all of the furnishings and fittings being imported to really give the bar the authenticity of being overseas beach bar, with open windows and a cool sea breeze flowing into our wooden shack on the beach.